Last update: 11/12/2017

terms & conditions

cataleeN'S policy

You Testify That:

You are 18 years of age or older, or of the age of consent relevant to your home country.

You will not make this site available to minors.

You are not offended by adult material or transgender subject matter.

You accept that I have the right to decline any caller for any reason without explanation.


I Guarantee That:

I will respect your privacy and need for total discretion at all times.

I will never store your number unless you've been a no-show, in which case I will blacklist it.

I will at no point pass on your contact number or email address to third parties.

I will never initiate contact with you after we have met, unless we have agreed otherwise.

I will never charge for "extras", i.e. more than the agreed fee during our initial phonecall.

I am a drug-free service.

All calls to my standard rate 0141 number and premium rate 09 number will be answered by me.

I will never contemplate engaging in any risky behaviours or activites.

I will continue to get fully tested every 13 weeks. Below is an SMS screenshot of my latest all-clear:

MOT Result 22112017